Dangerous Side Effects Of Diet Pills

One of the most research topics on the US today is weight loss pills. There are now thousands of different weight loss pills brands available to the consumers. A lot of the companies have unproven claims about their products; unlike the ones your doctor provides, they promise to melt away all that access fat with no changes on your diet or exercise. Too good to be true, well that's because it is.
Dangerous Side Effects Of Diet Pills Non proscribed pills tend to have side major side effect: Studies have been shown that most common side effects include nervousness, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, and more dangerous or deadly side effects include hart attack and stroke and death. Diet pills are stimulant based which cause the majority of side effects, and also very addictive and can become dependent upon and abuse. If used in a long term, it can lead to serious health problems.To make it worse, this pill alter your metabolism causing you to suppress your appetite causing you to consume very few calories each day. When you body takes notice of your food intake, it adjusts its ability to burn calorie and become sufficient. To make it worse people who often do this also lead a low calorie diet which is known as the Yo-Yo effect. One of the major importers of diet pills come from Brazil. Specialist are concern that this pills contain untested amphetamines, tranquilizers, anti-depressants, water pills and laxatives all in this little diet pill. If you are considering taking any of this diet pill, it might be a good idea to discuss them with your physician or doctor. Other alternatives are herb that are shown to be as much as powerful as any of this drugs. And an even better one is to consume natural fat burning food or super foods that naturally control the body's fat burning hormones

in 2008 the FDA issued a warning on a list of dangerous diet pills such:

* 2 day diet
* 7 day herbal slim
* slim fast plus


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